Handful of Hope Healing Journal
Image 1 - Top reasons to journal
Image 5 - poetry inspiration
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Image 16 - Journal Prompt
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Image 6 - poetry inspiration
Image 11 - Mandala coloring page with affirmation
Image 17 - poetry inspiration
Image 3 - Journal prompts
Image 7 - Mandala colouring page with affirmation
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Image 18 - Colouring mandala with affirmation
Image 4 - Journal free flow page
Image 8 - Journal Prompts
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Image 9 - poetry inspiration
Image 14 - poetry inspiration
Image 15 - Mandala coloring page with affirmations
A HANDFUL OF HOPE ~ "Keeping It Together While We Stay Apart"  is a unique 7"x10" Journal  that includes: 15 inspirational poetry pieces (written during the height of COVID 19) a variety of journal prompt questions to help you record memories from your time in 2020, uplifting mandalas & affirmations to colour and a compilation of free flow journal pages to write down more memories, express your struggles, or record your experiences of gratitude and growth.
Use this journal as a record for you alone or with your family members. 2020 will be a year to remember and this journal will help you to record and look back on all those precious memories.