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Fun Facts About Me

  • I'm a lover of meditation, nature, Indie music and wildly colorful art.
  • Most days you can find me curled up on my favorite meditation chair with my dog Cooper at my feet and my laptop and a cup of tea by my side.
  • I am in my element when you get me on the topics of Self-love, The Law of Attraction and the unexplained synchronicities of our Universe.
  • I love serving the world by inspiring women and girls to see their true
    beauty and the importance of Self-Love.

My Mission

  • To inspire and empower Women and Daughters through my Healing Journals and Workshops.
  • Drawing from my own past and sometimes painful experiences my illustrations and poems were created with the hope that they would remind women of their inner strength and beauty.
  • You are BEAUTIFUL, you are WORTHY, you are LOVE! Join me on this journey and ignite your heart.


If you’re looking for inspiration on all things Self-Love you can find me on the following social media channels:

“Open your Wings Darling and Spread them out Wide, For the light that’s within you, is the gift you hold inside”

~Jennifer E. Robinson~

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Thank you for the Love

"I love this book! The beautiful images, the inspirational quotes, and the amazing worksheets. Every woman deserves this book! It is a fun, and visually stunning way to learn how to self-love. Would be such a heartfelt gift for any woman going through a difficult time in need of healing as well!"

- Kindle Verified Customer

"This is an amazing workbook for every woman. The drawings, inspirational quotes, and worksheets are beautifully done. This is a must have book for any woman regardless of her journey."

- Kim Jones


"I love this Journal! I bought one for myself and a 2nd one for my friend who was needing an
inspirational boost. A  message of hope and love is woven throughout the beautiful pages. I
would highly recommend this Journal for any woman who needs to be reminded of her worth."

- Stephanie J - Milton, ON

“I received this journal as a gift from my friend and I am so glad she bought it! It has been a tool that I have turned to time and time again when I needed to get some quiet time and focus on my self-care. A big Thank you to the artist who created it! “

~ Anita G. – Oakville, ON

“Such a beautiful journal for any woman! We all need to be reminded of our worth and I love the mindfulness practice I have started since receiving this journal. It is so needed right now.”

~Tina M. – Halifax, NS