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Metamorphosis… The Pain & Beauty Of It All

May 21, 2019

Metamorphosis is a painful but beautiful thing… life is happening for us, not to us. Any pain you are enduring now or have endured in your past has (or will) helped shape you into a stronger, more empathic and compassionate being. Your pain becomes a gift to you and to others. It may not feel…

The Benefits of Colouring

May 21, 2019

The action of colouring requires focus which is regulated by the frontal lobe of the brain… the area responsible for executive functioning & self-regulation. When these functions are compromised individuals can experience: ~ Trouble focusing ~ Impaired judgement ~ Difficulty with problem-solving Colouring helps you to focus & calm your brain ~ which leads to…


Thank you for the Love

"I love this book! The beautiful images, the inspirational quotes, and the amazing worksheets. Every woman deserves this book! It is a fun, and visually stunning way to learn how to self-love. Would be such a heartfelt gift for any woman going through a difficult time in need of healing as well!"

- Kindle Verified Customer

"This is an amazing workbook for every woman. The drawings, inspirational quotes, and worksheets are beautifully done. This is a must have book for any woman regardless of her journey."

- Kim Jones


"I love this Journal! I bought one for myself and a 2nd one for my friend who was needing an
inspirational boost. A  message of hope and love is woven throughout the beautiful pages. I
would highly recommend this Journal for any woman who needs to be reminded of her worth."

- Stephanie J - Milton, ON

“I received this journal as a gift from my friend and I am so glad she bought it! It has been a tool that I have turned to time and time again when I needed to get some quiet time and focus on my self-care. A big Thank you to the artist who created it! “

~ Anita G. – Oakville, ON

“Such a beautiful journal for any woman! We all need to be reminded of our worth and I love the mindfulness practice I have started since receiving this journal. It is so needed right now.”

~Tina M. – Halifax, NS